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How To Resolve Conflict With Others:
The Seminar for All Employees


2 days.
Portions of this seminar can also be offered in half-day and 1-day formats.


Conflicts occur constantly in work and personal life. Any differences of opinion among people that need to be resolved offer the potential for acrimonious and destructive interactions, satisfactory (neither particularly positive or negative) interactions, or creative, productive, and team-building interactions. This seminar will help you get the best results possible whenever conflict occurs.

First, this seminar is based on your assessment of your own personal strategies for handling conflict using The Conflict Lens instrument. You will build on that assessment to identify when other strategies will be more successful... and when you are naturally doing it right.

Second, this workshop will give you a specific approach to managing conflict between yourself and other individuals. You will be able to put it to use immediately.

You will be able to improve your own decision making and implementation by resolving your conflicts with others. Every solo decision-maker requires information from others to make the best decision. When information providers are in conflict with you, the information supplied is inevitably distorted. When you share responsibility with others for implementation, conflict leads to power contests, rather than objective judgment of what is best for the organization.

Organizations are most successful when individuals use constructive strategies. Decisions are more often right, productivity and efficiency are high, and the organization's goals are met. When individuals use destructive conflict management strategies, effort is wasted with bickering, undermining, and distraction.

The combination of the Conflict Lens and the technique for approaching others will allow you to reduce, and sometimes eliminate, conflicts with peers, subordinates and superiors.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who works in business, government, or nonprofit organizations. Executives, project managers, human resources professionals, team leaders, line managers, and supervisors can especially benefit because their skills affect many other workers. Individual contributors, team members, and all employees will benefit in their work with their superiors and peers.

What You Get

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