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Building High-Performance Teams


2 days.
Portions of this seminar can also be offered in half-day and 1-day formats.


High performance teams don't just happen. They require that team members, leaders, and managers all possess special team development skills, communication skills, and the willingness to cooperate to achieve a mutually agreed-upon mission.

This course covers the human side of team work and focuses on how team leaders, project managers and clients can develop and maintain more productive working relationships.

The goal of the course is to provide professionals with specific knowledge and tools to enable them to manage tasks and people more effectively in a project environment. The focus is on the individual as part of a team: managing oneself, one's colleagues, manager and client, as well as managing subordinates.

The course enables participants to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become more effective and more motivated.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for team leaders, project managers, and clients who work together on teams, and who must establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with peers and colleagues, as well as with upper-level managers.

What You Get

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